Join Our Affiliate Program

We built our business empire purely by earning the trust of our happy customers.

The secrete of providing premium service at an affordable price is to cut the marketing budget we spend to advertise online and offline.

Our satisfied customers are our brand ambassadors. They spread the word about our quality and commitment. In turn, we reward our happy customers who referred our business to their friends and families with gift cards from either JB HI-FI or MYER worth up to $100.00* (Condition apply. See below).

If you are an existing customer who referred us a new customer, please fill in your details below with your name and postal address, and we will post you the gift card.

* JB HI-FI and MYER are the trademarks of the respective business and are protected by the appropriate copyright laws. We have no direct business affiliation with JB HI-FI and MYER. The new customer should build a fence more than 26 meters with us. We will post the reward within ten business days after the new customer has settled the payment in full. If the new customer is referred to us by more than one existing customers, based on our sole discretion, we will pick only one to award the reward. Our team will cross-check all referrals, and at our discretion, we reserve the right to deny the reward if we discover any foul play.



LION KING protects its territory in the forest. LION KING FENCING protects your territory at home.